Babies deserve Gourmet.

I was a new mom with my 6-month-old daughter, Finley, staring down the ever-so-intimidating baby aisle. Feeling exhausted, as all new moms are, and overwhelmed by the shelves of jarred baby food. The options weren’t exactly exciting...‘split-peas’, ‘carrot and potato’, ‘turkey and gravy’. How was I supposed to get my baby interested in eating when I couldn’t get myself to even try one? I knew she deserved better.

Having grown up with a mom who instilled the value of whole foods, I was confident that I could create gourmet options for Finley. Together with my sister Jill, we began by making delicious combinations for our own children, then expanded to selling out week-after-week at the local Calgary Farmer’s Market. After listening to countless moms share their love for our food, we knew we had to help more families.

Fast forward to today, 15 years later, and our desire to help parents and babies on their food journey has remained just as clear. We develop every product and never compromise on quality or taste, using only the very best ingredients.

From our hearts to yours, thank you helping us become the #1 brand of organic baby food in Canada, and for trusting us to guide you to gourmet.

Jen & Jill
Chief Baby Food Makers
Baby Gourmet Co-Founders (and sisters) Jen and Jill share what they are most proud of at Baby Gourmet.
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The Heart of Baby Gourmet was born out of our strong family values and a company-wide conviction that our most vulnerable population babies and toddlers should have access to the highest quality organic food available. We are working with non-profit partners across Canada to reach our goal of ONE MILLION MEALS donated by 2025.