Our Difference

Clean Label Project Purity Award Winner

We are proud to receive the coveted Clean Label Project Purity Award attesting to the ingredient quality and superiority that goes into each and every package of Baby Gourmet.

We are moms too, and we hear you that the baby food industry can seem unclear. Which is why we go above and beyond what is required by regulation or legislation to test our ingredients and products for safety. We are committed to providing the best and cleanest food for your family. We stand by our transparency.
We enlisted the help of a third-party consumer advocacy organization, Clean Label Project, to test and analyze our products for over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, plasticizers, and more to make sure we stay true to our word.

Clean Label Project Purity Award

Expect more from baby food! Our products go through rigorous testing for over 400 contaminants, to make sure your baby only receives the highest product purity and value.

Here's how we voluntarily and proactively take steps to minimize exposure to industrial and environmental contaminants.

  • We've identified and removed high-risk ingredients from our formulations. We know that ingredients like rice and soy can pull elevated levels of heavy metals from the soil. So instead of worrying about them, we've removed them from our products.
  • We're certified organic. The Organic Regime is very strict when it comes to pesticides but it's silent on the topic of heavy metals. We don't like pesticides either, so we make sure to formulate with only certified organic ingredients.
  • We have a strict supplier assurance program. At the end of the day, garbage in equals garbage out. For us, we get to the root of the potential problem- the soil! Before we even source new ingredients, we screen potential suppliers and their raw materials to make sure they meet our high standards.
  • We conduct routine testing of our both raw ingredients and finished goods with an accredited third-party lab. Listen, brands can do an effective job at selling comfort and security. That's why we put our trust in data and science. We use state of the art analytical chemistry to test down to single digit parts per billion to make sure we stay true to our quality and purity promise.
  • You don't have to take our word for it. We've enlisted the help of a third-party advocacy organization, Clean Label Project, to sample and test our finished products to make sure that we keep our word.
What is the Clean Label Project?
  • A national non-profit with the mission to bring truth and transparency to consumer product labeling.
  • A belief that sometimes what's NOT on a label is what matters most.
  • Food safety attention has largely been focused on short term acute exposure to food-borne pathogens like salmonella, e.coli, and listeria.
  • The long term threat of cancers and reproductive disorders linked to industrial and environmental contaminant exposure have largely gone unnoticed, untested, and therefore unregulated in food and consumer products, until now.
  • Clean Label Project uses actual retail sampling and testing to establish evidence-based benchmarks on the levels of contaminants in America’s best-selling food and consumer products.
  • Together, we are changing the definition of food and consumer product safety in America.