Baby Gourmet was founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by two sisters, Jen Carlson and Jill Vos, who started selling baby food at The Calgary Farmer’s Market in 2005. The brand has grown to be the number one organic baby food brand in Canada. Our head office is still located in Calgary, and both Jen and Jill are still heavily involved in the daily operations of the brand. To read more see Our Story.

The Heart of Baby Gourmet (HOBG) is our brand’s mission to help feed Canada’s most vulnerable population – babies and toddlers. We have a goal of providing 1 million meals by 2025. To read more: (link to Our Story page)

Yes, organic foods generally do not contain GMOs (genetically modified ingredients). Our products are 100% organic and certified by leading US and Canadian certifiers. 

Yes, all of Baby Gourmet’s packaging is BPA free.

The caps are 100% recyclable. The pouches themselves are not yet recyclable, but are more eco-friendly than other styles of packaging as they use less natural resources to produce.

To be able to provide babies with a wide range of flavours in the highest quality organics, our founders source our ingredients from suppliers who share our passion for quality. Since we’ve started, we have cultivated strong relationships with our manufacturers. While our preference would be to produce our products as close to home, there are only a few companies in North America who share our commitment to quality and safety in making our food, and we have chosen these to be our partners. Our fruit and vegetable purees and snacks are made in Canada, while our cereals and meat products are produced in the USA, and three of our protein meals are made in France, which is mentioned on all of our packaging.

We always strive to source ingredients domestically or within the USA, when possible. However, some of our ingredients naturally grow in regions outside North America, such as tropical fruits like bananas or pineapples.

Everything is listed on our pouches – there are no hidden ingredients, preservatives or additives. All of our fruit products are processed to optimize safety, flavour and nutrients. After blending our fruit, we adjust the pH (acidity) of the fruit with lemon juice and then pasteurize to create a shelf-stable product.

Our products are still good. They are the same yummy ingredients inside, with a newly designed package on the outside. For best before for all of our products, we recommend you check the recommended best before date on the back of each product.

Baby-led weaning is a popular method of introducing solids to your baby. You skip purees and offer your baby only finger foods, to self-feed right from the start. This term was coined in the United Kingdom, where "weaning" means to introduce solids, as opposed to weaning from breastfeeding.

Baby-led feeding is another term for 'baby-led weaning.' It's a method of introducing solids to your baby where they exclusively self-feed finger foods.

Iron is an important nutrient for babies 6-24 months, so we recommend serving iron-rich foods first. Iron-fortified cereals such as our Baby Gourmet oatmeal-based cereals are perfect first foods, as well as any meat, poultry or fish, cooked egg, beans, or lentils. You can also introduce soft or tender fruits and vegetables, whole grains, full fat yogurt and cheese around this time too. Simple fruit and vegetable purees and any of our 6+ month meals are a great for babies at 6 months. Blend a 6+ month purees with cereal or soft meat, poultry or fish for a well-rounded meal. 

It really depends as each baby is different. Around the 4 month mark, they will start showing signs of wanting to be part of the family meal. If your baby does not seem to be satisfied with only breast milk/formula, they are sitting upright, seem interested and are showing signs of smacking their gums, they could be ready. The range is typically 4 to 6 months when baby shows these cues. 

We recommend making our cereal with breast milk, milk, milk alternative or formula for extra nutrients and a creamy consistency. However, you can certainly make it with water. 

Cereal  – reseal and stored in a dry, cool environment for a maximum of one month.

Snacks (Finger Foods, Puffies & Mushies) – sealed with a clip and consumed within 7 days after opening. 

Fruit & Veggie Purees, Meals, Squoosh – Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 24 hours. 

Yes, our pouches can be frozen for up to 3 months. It is best to store in an air-tight, freezer-safe container. Thaw the product in the fridge and “massage” the pouch prior to serving to ensure the best texture. Once opened, we recommend storing in the fridge and using within 24 hours for optimal freshness. 

Yes, you can reheat our meals as long as they are refrigerated between uses and consumed within the recommended 24 hours.

You can absolutely travel with Baby Gourmet! Portability is one of our key attributes. They are not perishable due to processing. 

One of the best things about our products (besides great taste and nutrition) is that we use no chemical stabilizers (preservatives, emulsifiers, bleaches, etc.). While this is good for your baby, sometimes we get discoloration and thickening of the product in the neck where it contacts the headspace of air. Although we take measures against it (such as releasing as much air out of the pouch as we can and using appropriate packaging materials to prevent it), we occasionally still get reports of this. There is nothing wrong with the product, packaging or the seal - it's harmless, but rather ugly.

Our pouches can be used with or without a spoon. 

You can find Squoosh at: Federated Co-op, Food Basics, Loblaws, London Drugs, Longos, Metro, Overwaitea, Sobeys, Toys R Us, Walmart, Amazon.ca and Well.ca 

Baby Gourmet now carries select products online by the case. To find out if your favourite Baby Gourmet product is available on our website, please check out the product pages. 

Several retailers sell a selection of our popular organic baby food products online as well, including Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Walmart, London Drugs, Well.ca, Save On Foods, Sobey’s, Toys R Us, Amazon.ca. 

Online orders through our Baby Gourmet website are processed and shipped the day after being received. While we cannot guarantee delivery times, depending on your location in Canada, you should receive your order typically within 1-3 business days.

You can order Baby Gourmet products online at well.ca for delivery to the United States.