apple sweet potato rusks

Lightly seasoned with apples and sweet potato, our lentil and chickpea rusks are the perfect first cracker (yet much healthier)! Designed for little mouths with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, our rusks are easy to eat without teeth. They are also perfect for dipping in blends when your little one gets adventurous.

 rice and corn free  dairy free
 gluten free  no added salt
 BPA-free packaging  no artificial colors or flavors

INGREDIENTS: Organic red lentil flour, organic chick pea flour, sugars (organic apple juice concentrate), organic apple powder, organic pea fiber, organic sweet potato powder.

Good things come with less packaging and less waste! No need for individually wrapped rusks (bags within bags) or an outer box when all you need is one bag to hold the goodies.